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If elected, these are some of the issues I will champion:

Access to Affordable Housing: People need places to live                   

As a current Lacey Planning Commissioner, I’ve supported code changes that balance the interests of business, the environment, and residents. We need to increase our supply of housing. People want to live in Lacey, and we need to make sure there’s a place for everyone that they can afford.

Transportation Choices: People need to go places

We need a robust and accessible public transit system so people can get where they need to go. As a car and  bike commuter, I know that safety is critical, and traffic can really mess up a person’s day. Providing options for everybody is good for the environment, good for our city budget, and great for your pocketbook.

Community Preparedness: People working together can weather any disaster

2020 taught us that being prepared for emergencies can save lives and prevent tragedy. I became a Community Emergency Response Team member in 2017 to be ready to help my neighbors if disaster strikes. As a council member, I’ll advocate for Lacey to be prepared—whether for an earthquake, a flood or a public health crisis. This includes the development of a city language access plan. Our community is safest and strongest when we are all included and ready to support one another.

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